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Welcome to General Contractors
General Contractors Construction Co., Inc. was established in 1983. We are a commercial general contractor that has the experience in all aspects of construction. We also design and build houses. We personally do all our own concrete work, structural steel; wood and steel stud framing, wood and metal doors and frames, and door hardware. We can do any kind of project that is needed, if it is a construction management at risk, design-built, hard bid projects, and also any kind of pre-engineering building that might be needed. We strive to make sure the people we work for get the best quality of building that can be built. General Contractors Construction Co., Inc. has been building high quality facilities for exacting clients who place a premium on superior quality completed with the most value for each dollar expended. We enjoy the best reputation for quality projects of any contractor in the state. The reason we are able to do what so many other contractors cannot do is that the men who own the firm are the men that manage the projects.

We have an excellent working relationship with many architects and engineers. A long term, satisfied client is our goal; indeed our business philosophy. The project types range from commercial, industrial, design-built, tilt ups, medical offices, pre-engineered metal buildings, education facilities, and residential. In all of this is the care and concern exhibited by General Contractors Construction Co., Inc. in understanding and meeting the needs of the client. At General Contractors Construction Co., Inc. we work in the spirit of complete teamwork, recognizing that only the very best result can occur when all components (owner, owner representative, architect, engineer, and ourselves) work in a selfless and non-adversarial manner. At General Contractors Construction Co., Inc. we take pride in our business philosophy that good things happen when everyone contributes their best efforts. General Contractors Construction Co., Inc. delivers to meet each owner's expectations of quality, functionality, and cost.

Our bonding and insurance:

Al Hultgren
Payne Financial Group
2323 2nd Avenue North
Billings, MT 59101
(406) 238-1900

We have been with them since we opened our doors and plan to continue to use them in the future.